What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that has been used effectively for thousands of years to treat pain and numerous disorders of the body. There are several different forms of acupuncture diagnosis and treatment. At Chiropractic Wellness Connection, we use needle acupuncture which involves the insertion and retention of needles at specific acupuncture points located throughout the body. Acupuncture is used worldwide in various healthcare fields including medical, surgical, chiropractic, dental, and veterinary fields.

How does Acupuncture work?

Its easy. Acupuncture works by creating balance in your body. Every function in your body requires energy. Imbalances in energy(whether too much or too little) can cause malfunction and disease to tissues and organs. For example, imbalance to your heart can either make your heart beat too fast or way too slow. Acupuncture works by balancing your body's energy which is known as CHI. Chi constantly circulates throughout your entire body. Strategic placement of acupuncture needles can help restore and regulate the circulation of chi which will help your body to heal and function optimally. Acupuncture also helps to release endorphins which are your body's natural pain killers to help eliminate pain. Only certified physicians and practitoners are allowed to perform acupuncture.

What can Acupuncture help?

The list of symptoms that acupuncture has helped is almost limitless. It has been shown to help with several conditions such as:

Pain in joints & muscles       Allergies      Anxiety/Depression     Headache

 Cirulation        Insomnia         Fibromyalgia         Turning Breech Babies  

     Stop Smoking       Acid Reflux         Low back pain      Constipation/diarrhea  

  Swelling        Skin Condtions       Sinuses       Heel Spurs       Post-op Healing  

   Arthritis pain               Bronchitis/Asthma                and so much more.....

Is Acupuncture safe? Is it painful?

Acupuncture is very safe and effective when performed by a certified practitioner. At Chiropractic Wellness Connection, we assure the quality and sterility of every needle used in our office. Every needle is brand new, clean and sterile. Acupuncture is usually painless. Most patients are surprised at how painless yet effective treatment is. The needles are very small and do not enter into a bloodstream like most hypodermic needles. Most people will feel a cool, tingling, and relaxing feeling during treatment. The number and location of needles does vary based on patient need. At CWC, we take great care of all of our patients. Come and see how amazing acupuncture can really be.


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