Are you ready to begin chiropractic care? Have you already gotten chiropractic care? Have questions about chiropractic care?

There are so many questions and choices when it comes to getting chiropractic care. Dr. Jennifer Daniel-Price offer you and your family many different options with chiropractic care and find what works best for you. From injury care to maintenance care to preventive wellness, CWC has you covered. 

Your entire body functions from your nervous system. So, when your nervous system isn't working then your body isn't working and that will lead to disease, injury, or other symptoms. Sometimes symptoms come quickly and sometimes it takes years of damage to accumulate before you will feel any pain. This is why a checkup is important for everyone. 

We perform thorough examinations on all of my patients to see if there is any disruption to the nervous system. Our expertise will allow us to make the best recommendations on testing and treatment for you. If chiropractic is indicated, we specialize in a variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques allowing treatment multiple conditions and accommodate patient preferences for the entire family including pediatrics. Yes, kids need chiropractic too!!!! Its safe, easy, and very effective. Let me help you get the answers to your health questions!

To see the pathways of the Central Nervous System and for additional information on chiropractic, check out the COMMUNITY CONTENT Tab on our Homepage.....


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